The Fashion Prize

OUR 5 Semi-finalists Have been selected

Dear Web3 enthousiasts, fashion passionates and Monnier Paris community.  

Many designers have submited brilliant designs. They have shown talent, creativity, innovation, and avant-garde!  

Based on three criteria: Creativity, Wearability and Vision, our jury has selected the five finalists.

The winner will have the opportunity to co-create a capsule collection with Republiqe Clothing and win a 5 000 euros cashprize!

Are you ready to be part of the new generation of fashion design ?  

You'll be the one to decide ! So which of these 5 amazing designers will be your favorite ?

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Join us on September 10th to discover the 3D-printed models and vote for your favorite designer!
In the meantime, discover the 5 semi-finalists of the Fashion Prize for Web3 Creators


Upcycling and 3D Artist, Vanille focuses on brand collaboration. When it comes to Web3, she consulted for Chanel and created an nft in collaboration with A Magazine Curated by, for the reedition of Martin Margiela. She also started an NFT collection upcycling 63 phygital Dior tops... She's also part of Glitch Residency and AR HouseLA.

Co-founder of r3n3gades, a sustainable Digital wearable and phygital, women-oriented community base, she launched her brand in December during Miami Art Basel and just launched her first collaboration with DressX and has a new one coming soon with Zero10.


Simran is a professional digital asset producer, for the new version of human interaction, specialising in 3D design and digital implementations in apparel development. With a background in Fashion Design and her ongoing pursuit of Digital Fashion, she is deeply passionate about the transformative power of Digital Fashion, particularly in terms of sustainability and power of storytelling. She strongly believes that digital product creation is becoming an industry standard and that virtual goods economy is maturing.

melissa le guen-hector

Unfor ( Mélissa Le Guen-Hector ), is a 21 year old fashion designer who became passionate about digital design a year and a half ago. Her creative world can be described as futuristic, dark, trashy and detailed. She likes to mix her digital work with her skills in image retouching, make-up, stylism, physical clothing and accessories creation.

What she likes about digital fashion is being able to help people transfer their avatars to real life, breaking down the limits and constraints of the physical world so that everyone can be who they really want to be, and exploring the beauty of their differences in new ways.


FABRXEL (Elisa) is a digital fashion designer with a passion for merging art and technology into her works. She started her career as an engineer before discovering and being captured by the innovative world of digital fashion and web3 in 2022.

Since starting her career, she has never stopped looking for new ways to bring artistic inspirations and high-tech solutions to the world of fashion

FabrXEL is her creative digital habitat where she is spreads knowledge on digital fashion to her community and exploring this exciting topic.


Alya Berezniuk is a 28 years old Ukrainian visual 3D fashion designer with a degree in fashion design and entrepreneurship from Vinnytsia Institute. She has spent many years working in her own atelier and collaborating with well-known Ukrainian brands and designers such as OVERTHESEA, DILOVYI, DL-UA (Design Laboratory), NONA, BERĒZA, and many others. These collaborations have provided her with valuable experience and the opportunity to connect with talented professionals in the industry.
Currently, she realizes that her ambitions lie in expanding and developing her expertise in the 3D space. This field offers limitless possibilities for creativity and imagination, and she wants to be part of this exciting world.
Outside of work, she enjoys engaging in active leisure activities and keeping up with modern technologies. She finds inspiration in nature and the talented individuals who surround her.


Monnier Paris is a French luxury e-commerce platform that offers a selection of accessories from iconic brands to its Internet users. By establishing itself as a leading player in fashionTech, Monnier aims to push back the boundaries of luxury: Web3 strategy, live shopping and social selling, all of which will appeal to Gen Z and Millennials. By partnering with Decentraland and Republiqe, Monnier Paris breaks the codes of fashion and presents its new contest "The Fashion Prize For Web3 Creators"

Launched in 2020, Decentraland has since become one of the most popular virtual reality platforms in the blockchain ecosystem. It allows users to create, experience, monetize content and applications in a fully autonomous 3D virtual world! Using blockchain technology, it facilitates decentralized land management and user interaction.

Republiqe Clothing is the world's first fully virtual fashion house. This brand designs unique creations breaking the norms, interpreting and creating extraordinary lifestyle. This digital fashion house works with inspiring creators to help them transport themselves into the metaverse through digital fashion design, NFTs, avatar design and more!


Diaa Elyaacoubi-Bouriez
CEO of Monnier Paris

James Gaubert
Founder of Republiqe Clothing 

Nicolas Santi-Weil
CEO at Ami Paris

Celeste Acosta
Partnership Manager at Decentraland

Clare Tattersall
Head of NewYork Digital Fashion Week

Pierre Nicolas Hurstel
CEO & cofounder Arianee

Paul Mouginot
Co-founder of

Sallyann Houghton
Industry Manager Fashion/Apparel at Epic Games

Adrien de Blanzy
Founder & CEO of l'ADN Group

Dr. Gigi Graziosi Casimiro
Head of production at Phygicode

Magali Ginsburg
CEO of Transcend

Louise Laing
Founder of PhygitalTwin

Xavier Romatet
Managing Director at Institut Français de la Mode

"Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring."

Carmel Snow