Adieu is a love poem to the art of footwear. An ode to beautiful shoes, whose craftsmanship crosses generations and discreetly, silently, plays a role in stories great and small. Among these stories are those of love and family, such as the meeting of Isabelle Guédon and Benjamin Caron - its founders - in Les Sables d'Olonne, and the memory of Isabelle's grandfather's gardening boots. Though everything began with that initial meeting, the story of Adieu continues to be written today. First conceived in 2012 in France's Vendée region, the label quickly established itself in Paris and now exports further afield. There are many reasons for Adieu's success. Though clearly inspired by the past, it expertly contrasts this feeling of nostalgia with a stylish modern edge, bringing us shoes that we feel like we've always known. With its reinterpretations of the brogue and the creeper, Adieu designs shoes that oscillate between Parisian sophistication and simplicity, and uninhibited British sass. Resolutely rock 'n' roll, its designs hark back to the Teddy Boys and Mods of the 1950s and 60s, super-stylish hooligans who were afraid of nothing and no one. It’s a state of mind that comes through, in particular, in the Type 165 boots, the Type 124 derby shoes and Type 159 loafers. And when you think about it, it's hardly a surprise that the creators of Adieu are so fond of the self-assured nonchalance of these vintage inspirations. Adieu is a rebel with a cause, a desire to go against the grain, to design shoes with character and to make its own fashion rules. But it’s not just about the style. Its unisex designs are recognised for their unparalleled comfort and lightness, thanks to an innovative technique developed by Benjamin Caron. This technique is what distinguishes Adieu's signature sole from that of other labels. Designed in crepe, it borrows elements from sneaker soles, making loafers, ankle boots and derbies into the perfect everyday shoes.

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