With contemporary and daring lines, and a no-frills feminine aesthetic, fashion à la Neous is conscientious, sculptural, and non-conformist. The label's designer, Vanissa Antonious, is the product of a multiculturalism that emboldened her to explore new horizons and to live with an open mind. Proud of her Egyptian roots and her childhood spent in Australia, she is inspired by friends she has met all over the world, each so different and exciting. Her label Neous – which means “new” in Greek – is also the promise of a new style. A style that plays with genres, combining references to various modern artistic movements, like Bauhaus, with traditional techniques passed down through the generations and finishing up on the feet of modern women. Stretch leathers and fishnet-style sandals give a sensual, fluid feel, while flat soles and colour contrasts play on masculine riffs. The result is a truly unique aesthetic, designed to seduce and surprise. Each Neous creation is a precious gem that will elevate your style with a bold and confident touch. Handmade in Italy from high quality natural materials, Neous shoes are engineered to last and styled to stand the test of time. Original yet discreet, they find a happy medium between modernity and tradition, sculptural shapes and comfort, fresh excitement and timeless elegance. Designed to represent the 21st century woman, Neous is a multi-faceted brand, in harmony with the universe – and wardrobe – that surrounds it. It's up to you to choose the design that works for you: the comfortable Dombai shearling sandals are perfect with baggy jeans, for example, as are the more wintry Malmok and Spika boots. While the more sensual Lerna and Sika sandals are perfect with a little black dress. You are free to reinvent yourself, and your Neous shoes will follow suit, wherever life takes you.

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