Pamela Love

In body she may be in Brooklyn, but Pamela Love's spirit is never in one place. Imagining herself embarking on earthly and spiritual journeys, this astrology, tarot and folklore enthusiast likes to reinterpret mysterious symbols conveying messages and values through design. After falling in love with jewellery, she decided to create her own, and to express the spirituality that plays such an important role in her life. Convinced that she wasn’t the only one to find comfort in her beliefs, she began designing unusual pieces with silhouettes depicting symbols like snakes and pendulums. Determined to adopt a new approach to jewellery, she designs it using recycled gold and silver, and with ethical and sustainably sourced stones. Pamela Love's celestial jewels are the reincarnation of the designer’s divine inspirations. Poetically beautiful, even downright mystical, these “sacred objects” draw their inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, from American legends, astrology, architecture, cultural traditions, reptiles and more. These gold and silver creations are adorned with semi-precious stones like mojave, whose intoxicating reflections recall those of the aurora borealis. Among the flagship pieces of the Pamela Love style is the Dagger pendant. Worn around the neck or as a charm on an earring, its message is as clear as it is provocative: beware of feminine power. The exceptional jewellery by Pamela Love gives as much strength to those who wear it as those who participated in its design, and every piece is a statement. Pamela Love advocates a ritual for oneself, that of wearing jewellery.

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