Alessandra Rich

Feminine, elegant and bold, the Alessandra Rich aesthetic has a style all of its own. Exuding Italian sensuality with a touch of British irreverence, it reflects the two cultures in which its founder grew up. Since 2010, the designer has focused on creating silhouettes that deliberately buck the fast fashion trends, opting instead for a sophisticated style that evolves over the seasons, with an inherently timeless feel. Her philosophy “dressing for pleasure” speaks to women everywhere, reminding us that there's nothing wrong with playing – and experimenting – with fashion. Delicate, preppy, seductive, powerful… the Alessandra Rich woman is impossible to pin down, she's so many things at once. Whether a socialite, a celebrity walking the red carpet or a mother caring for her kids, she is free to change according to her mood, and can allow this mood to dictate her clothing choices and determine who she is, day by day. Having already impressed influential devotees such as Chiara Ferragni, Dakota Johnson, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber and Lily Collins, the London label continues to attract new fans with outfits that redefine and modernise our interpretation of sensuality. And all of her inspiring followers have one thing in common: they excel in their respective fields, living their femininity without compromise. Whether tomboy or femme fatale, they always put their own stamp on the Alessandra Rich style. And you can do the same! Shop the brand's most stunning jewellery at Monnier Paris now. With its refreshing take on traditional femininity, jewellery by Alessandra Rich plays with style codes. Seemingly elegant earrings reveal a touch of mischief, while other styles in whimsical, cutesy shapes are worn oversized and sparkling for a dazzling statement piece. Like her ready-to-wear, Alessandra Rich jewellery is designed for fearless fashion fans.

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