Anny Nord

Founded by Mia Bencker in 2017, Anny Nord is one of those brands that plans its pieces down to the tiniest detail, in order to meet the needs of modern women and their everyday lives. Businesswoman, daughter, mother, wife, friend… Womanhood means being so many things at once that it can sometimes be difficult to work out who you really are. From childhood, we’re conditioned to fulfil a certain role and to behave a certain way, and the interactions that punctuate our lives influence this direction. For Mia Bencker, the main thing is to offer women an opportunity to feel free. The chance to simply be themselves, without all the pressure that society puts on their shoulders. She gets this revolutionary spirit from her grandmother, Anny. Anny was creative and hardworking, but above all, generous and kind. There’s no doubt that Anny was a huge influence in her granddaughter's life. And, with the same passion and courage as her grandma, Mia Bencker is committed to reaching her goals and taking the necessary risks to achieve success. The Sweden-based designer has a profound love for fashion, designing sleek and sophisticated shoes with that minimalist Scandi aesthetic that we all know and love. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she is committed to making her pieces from the most precious and ethical leathers on the market, pieces which are then crafted by small Spanish, Italian and Portuguese workshops, where leather expertise is almost in their blood. She clearly knows what she's doing: as a child, she was brought up around elegant leather footwear that her parents sold in their little Swedish shop. These happy childhood memories are sure to be the reason behind her keen interest in shoes, but Mia Bencker is determined to go further; to design footwear that, as well as being nice to look at, support strong women in their daily lives. We couldn't agree more. We love the Joan ankle boot with its sculptural square heel, the Anyway Anyday and Trigonometry sandals, and the very sensual Shake The Chains, which adorns your ankle with industrial-looking silver links, ideal for a fierce touch.

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