Master & Dynamic

With its premium range of connected headphones and earbuds, Master & Dynamic brings us a new experience of sound. It all comes down to its Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, which completely throws off your perception of the world around you. More than just a tool for listening to music, the idea behind Master & Dynamic is to offer innovative, high-end solutions that meet the daily wants and needs of creative minds. Instead of headphones made of plastic, as most of them are, those developed by the New York label are ceramic, and add a touch of sophisticated style to all your 'fits. Though its signature model is the MW08, we also love the MW07, a bolder marbled alternative. And when it comes to Bluetooth headsets, it's the MW65 that really shows the talent of Jonathan and Robert Levine. Because Master & Dynamic is not just about perfection, it's a passion that unites a father with his son. A lover of beautiful objects, Jonathan wanted to design beautifully crafted and technically sophisticated headphones for Robert, his DJ son. Intent on designing accessories with the clearest possible sound and capable of standing the test of time, after lots of hard work and many museum visits, they created the ideal headset, as elegant as it is efficient. With noise reduction techniques, voice and instrument enhancement and personalisation services – such as the M&D Connect app – nothing is left to chance. It’s this attention to detail and technical prowess that has allowed the duo to truly make their mark. Master & Dynamic's connected headphones and earphones are lauded by music experts and enthusiasts alike, for their sleek aesthetics and comfortable, lightweight design. This is not a trendy gadget; Master & Dynamic creations are carefully constructed collector's items that you can take with you wherever you go. Music to our ears.

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