Have you ever wondered which accessory supermodel Adut Akech can’t do without when she’s travelling to fashion weeks across the globe? If you're thinking a luxurious handbag or a pair of comfortable sneakers, you're barking up the wrong tree. Think discreet and practical, music and AirPods… That’s right, it’s her earbud necklace chain by Tapper. When the Apple juggernaut announced the release of its Bluetooth headphones, the AirPods, in 2016, a small group of fashion enthusiasts immediately took an interest. Apple's new wireless gadget offered a new freedom of movement as well as excellent sound, but it’s its minimalist design that makes it such a must-have. AirPods, however, carry a risk - that of losing an earbud (or, worst case scenario, both). We repeatedly put them on and take them off over the course of a day, we sometimes chuck them hastily into a pocket or a handbag rather than storing them in their case. The perfect way to lose them. Mindful of their own bad habits, a team of Swedish designers came up with the idea of attaching the earbuds together. And Tapper chains were born. Carefully constructed and stylish, too, they are made by hand and are inspired by the links of a very classic necklace, but with two magnetic ends. Available in silver, 18 carat gold or pink gold plating, and even in black haematite plating, these utilitarian chains are worn like jewels and blend in with your various adornments. As soon as they went on sale in 2017, Tapper's stylish AirPod chains became a firm fixture on social media and in magazines: a modern-day must-have. Lauded as a pioneer in AirPod accessories, the brand was an instant success. Often imitated, Tapper is still as iconic today: its affordable yet high quality creations with their luxurious finishes add a bold edge to all your looks.

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